Saturday, July 9, 2011

Special Times and Special Dudes!!!

Last week I was driveing to my appointment and I was listening to the 1st Until The End record, and I can honestly say it made me happy and sad at the same time.  The reason why it made me sad was because all of those guys that were there for that are all over the place we all live in different states but thats cool because we all have a lot going on.  John is still in S.Florida, Mean Pete is also still in S.Florida, Alan Landsman is in Pennsyvania, Rich Thurstion is in Cleveland, Dan Mazin is living the dream out in California, and Chris Hornbrook is in California as well.  As for me I am right were I am supposed to be in the amazing city of Atlanta.  I just started thinking how special that time was and we didn't really have to worry about much, and to be honest that is probably one of the most amazing things that I have ever taken part in.  All of those guys that I mentioned they will always have a special place in my heart just for that reason.  One of those guys I still talk to often Mr. Wylie who has been my best friend for the past 15 years or so best dude ever, and is nothing short of being my real brother.  I have spoke to the other guys here and there through the face book but all of you guys should know that I love you all.  (FOR REAL even you Thurstion)  But I did text Mean Pete the other day ,and we went back and fourth talking about it, and one of the best things anyone has ever done for me Pete did at the very last Until The End show when they dedicated the last set to me.  That shit will forever be ingrained in my head. I think about it know and I get an ear to ear smile and my eyes kinda of fill up. (MAN THAT WAS A SPECIAL TIME).  As for today.   These kids are so ME ME ME what ever happened to being there for each other, and US vs THEM??  You young kids need to get your heads out of your ass, and understand that you guys have the power to keep this amazing thing we call HARD CORE  pure and for us.   This is not for everyone hardcore is not a shirt you can wear or a cell phone you can buy its what you have inside of you.  Its people like you and I Men and Women, Boys and Girls who have a voice and choose to use it no matter what.   Its called standing up for your self, and saying fuck you to who or what ever is in your path because I will rise above what ever is in my way.  I don't know about you guys but this is MY SHIT and I will go down for what I believe in…  So with that being said all we have is today and each other so just respect hardcore because it is very special  and it will take care of you if you take care of it..


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