Saturday, July 9, 2011

Special Times and Special Dudes!!!

Last week I was driveing to my appointment and I was listening to the 1st Until The End record, and I can honestly say it made me happy and sad at the same time.  The reason why it made me sad was because all of those guys that were there for that are all over the place we all live in different states but thats cool because we all have a lot going on.  John is still in S.Florida, Mean Pete is also still in S.Florida, Alan Landsman is in Pennsyvania, Rich Thurstion is in Cleveland, Dan Mazin is living the dream out in California, and Chris Hornbrook is in California as well.  As for me I am right were I am supposed to be in the amazing city of Atlanta.  I just started thinking how special that time was and we didn't really have to worry about much, and to be honest that is probably one of the most amazing things that I have ever taken part in.  All of those guys that I mentioned they will always have a special place in my heart just for that reason.  One of those guys I still talk to often Mr. Wylie who has been my best friend for the past 15 years or so best dude ever, and is nothing short of being my real brother.  I have spoke to the other guys here and there through the face book but all of you guys should know that I love you all.  (FOR REAL even you Thurstion)  But I did text Mean Pete the other day ,and we went back and fourth talking about it, and one of the best things anyone has ever done for me Pete did at the very last Until The End show when they dedicated the last set to me.  That shit will forever be ingrained in my head. I think about it know and I get an ear to ear smile and my eyes kinda of fill up. (MAN THAT WAS A SPECIAL TIME).  As for today.   These kids are so ME ME ME what ever happened to being there for each other, and US vs THEM??  You young kids need to get your heads out of your ass, and understand that you guys have the power to keep this amazing thing we call HARD CORE  pure and for us.   This is not for everyone hardcore is not a shirt you can wear or a cell phone you can buy its what you have inside of you.  Its people like you and I Men and Women, Boys and Girls who have a voice and choose to use it no matter what.   Its called standing up for your self, and saying fuck you to who or what ever is in your path because I will rise above what ever is in my way.  I don't know about you guys but this is MY SHIT and I will go down for what I believe in…  So with that being said all we have is today and each other so just respect hardcore because it is very special  and it will take care of you if you take care of it..


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan at the Tabernacle

     My weekend started off by going to see the Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan at the Tabernacle.  While I was walking up to the venue all I see is a bunch of frat dudes pre gaming for the show.   It looked like there were getting ready to run through a tunnel for a football game the only thing that was missing was that they didn't slap each other in the ass and say good game.  So me and Juan Montoya go to will call and get our tickets then we go inside, and to my surprise the Tabernacle is one of the most beautiful venues I have ever seen, and thats just walking through the front door and when you get down front to the floor its even more amazing.  It was an old church that they converted into a concert venue so know they have shows there which i think is really amazing because instead of all of us going to The Masquerade and dealing with there shity staff and overpriced drinks this was just a very nice and welcomed change.  So we walk down to the front were we found probably the best spot in the house upfront and no one around it was awesome no one touching me and enough room to just chill out and enjoy the show.  So then Dillinger goes on, and all I can think about is that these people have no idea what they are about to see because if you remember back in the day Dillinger Escape Plan was the wildest bands to watch between the fire breathing jumping off there equipment throwing there stuff around basically its like watching controlled mayhem.  So then Dillinger goes on and as I look into the crowd all i can can see is 95% of the people watching them there jaws are on the ground and they don't even know what to think because they cant  believe what they are seeing.  They are just all over the place from jumping off full stacks and jumping into the crowd and still not loosing a beat they always stayed tight and on point.  They have been around for over 12 years and still doing the somethings they have always done just killing it night after night. Dillinger  Escape plan never disappoints always a great show.

    Then we have the moment they have been waiting for the Deftones hit the stage, and the crowed just starts going nuts yelling and screaming  just loosing there fucking minds,and they have not even hit the first note yet.   So the first song they play is the title track from the new record Diamond Eyes , and to my surprise I look up on the stage and there is Sergio Vega from Quicksand so I was like this is amazing he was all over the stage like the days of old.  Sergio and Chino were all over the stage it was amazing there were supper tight there sound guy was so on point it wasn't even funny.  They play a couple of songs off the new record the they play a couple of the hits off White Pony it was amazing, and then to my surprise they played 7 Words which I have seen them play more then a few times, and I have never heard them play that live so for me this was awesome.  They also played a couple more songs off Adrenaline which was very cool they played for almost two hours just going off it was amazing.  I have seen them more then a few times like I said but by far this may have been the best I have ever seen them.  From beginning to end they were amazing just a lot of fun to watch, and you can tell that they were having a good time as well.  I don't know about you but for me when I go to a show and the band is not enjoying them selves you can always tell, and that just takes away from the show for me anyways.  But over all the venue was beautiful the bands were incredible the sound was amazing in there so I suggest if this tour comes near you pay the cash and check it out trust me you will not be disappointed at all..

Friday, May 27, 2011

PMA pay it forward!!!!

There are those days when you just wake up late and you are already thinking negative.  But you know it really doesn't have to be like that.   All of those feelings are us being human people like you and I just automatically  go into panic mode and get very defiaenceive instead of just thinking about what we need to do  just to get past this situation that we are in.  The truth is that the answers are right in front of us we just need to calm down, and look around then we realize that its really not that bad we just have to move around some stuff our just rethink our plan.  Because trust me everyone if i can do it so can you its only a matter of applying your self.  We are never stuck we only think we are this has only taken me thirty five years to realize this.  Because when I was younger i knew everything , and no one could tell me any different once you have a life altering experience your whole thought process changes.  Trust me we all fall back into old behavior every knows,  and thats just apart of growing as individuals but its what we do to recognize those things and how we go about changing them is what defines us.  I would like everyone to know that this is not an attack on anyone or anything this is me taking a look at myself, and sharing it with you.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life is FUCKING CRAZY sometimes!!!

I know its been a while since my last post but here it goes.. Well the last few weeks have been kinda of crazy to say the lest.   I have seen some amazing things, and had some mishaps,and some let downs.  But like it says in my title ''LIFE IS FUCKING CRAZY SOME TIMES''.  Well after seeing some old friends from my beloved BROOKLYN things were looking up.  But as well all know sometimes things are not as they seem!!! So between doing a lot of looking at myself ,and my faults trying to pretty much evaluate myself, and figure shit out.  For the first time in my life my ego took a back seat and I started asking questions and shouting my mouth so i can hear other peoples opinions, and get real feed back.  Then i had my appointment with my shrink( thats right i see one ,and its the best thing i have ever done for my self to be very honest) i just straight up asked him what do i need to do to stop this cycle of me being crazy, and being angry and pissed off and so on!! He told that i get way to emotional attached to things and that was a big part of my problem.  So with that being said i took his advice and i did what he said so this whole week i went into work, and tried to not get so attached to things i went in did my job then went home needles to say it was an awesome week.  I think i should keep my trap more often and listen because sometimes people besides myself may know what they are talking about.  That Ladies and Gentleman only took me Thirty Five years to figure out..  I have a bunch more to write about like going to see MOGWAI which was fucking amazing to say the least i also have a couple of reviews so write on some records.  So there is a lot more to come so please check it out..


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Most Precious Blood, Do Not Resuscitate

Ok here we go on the long awaited MPR record" Do Not Resuscitate". This record starts off brutal with there intro one of my favorite parts about all MPR records has always been there intro's. They always set the tone for the record for me, and keeps me wanting to hear more and I can't wait to see what comes next. After that brutal intro they go into "A Danger To Myself And Others" which is just fucking pissed off with lyrics like "Spit In The Face Of Your Enemy's" Rob has always been a pissed off guy but this is above and beyond which I back a hundred percent. Fuck it man say whats on your mind that's why we all got into this shit anyway right? The record just keeps going in the same vain but there is something very different about this record. It still has all the anger, and pissed at the system that MPR always had but there is still something different Robs voice sounds different he is going for it way more on his vocals. I don't know how he even finished this recording without going to get vocal chord surgery is beyond me because he went for it on every fucking note, and left nothing behind. Then without even a clue they go into " Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together" this is a first for MPR yes they did and acoustic track which is awesome and very unexpected to say the least. But it is an awesome way to break up the record to get ready for side two. Because that's when the shit really hits the fan kid. Side two just straight up rips into your most scared places of your soul. The record just stays true to MPR form this is the way I see shit fuck you I am not taking any prisoners. Then when you didn't think it could get anymore brutal he comes "Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking" that gets a WOW dude for sure. With lyrics like " Keep Your Door Locked I Know Were You Live" what can you really say about that. MPR is just pulling out all of the stops on this one for sure no holding back. My over all on this record it's amazing every bit of it. Down to the cover art by Justin Borucki it's great I suggest everyone needs this because for me it's what Hard Core is all about fuck everything, and leave it all out on the table. So go do your self a favor and order it, pick it up steal it what ever you have to do just get it.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleigh Bells

Let's just say that I went to the show not knowing what to expect at all.  But needles to say I was very interested to hear and check them out.   So they were walking on stage to an Acme song, and for all of you little jack asses that don't know who that is look it up and check it out because it's amazing.  So at that point I was like alright this is going to be good and then when thought it was amazing they steeped it up a notch with a Black Sabbath song which Derrick played along with, and through in a couple of things him self.  ( Which I thought was rad) Then they just went crazy on stage and the crowed was going just as nuts as they were on stage  well it was awesome to see to say the least.   They were running back and fourth on stage giving an amazing performance they straight up killed it to be honest.  Then in the middle of there set Derrick cracked Alexis in the head with his guitar.   She was bleeding all over the place so they gave her a towel and just kept it over the gash in her head she just kept going on with the set.  Let me tell you something that Alexis chick is a TUFF broad because she did not even lose a beat she just kept on trucking through there set i know lots of dudes from hardcore band that would have just stood there set and packed it up but she did her thing and owned it.   It was an amazing there performance to say the least, and it was amazing to see old friends and catch up.  Derrick you guys were awesome and thanks Ryan Primack he is there production manger, and one of my best friends love you guys.  Ian is there tour manger and all around good dude. Great night good hangs let's do it again real soon. If you have a chance to check out Sleigh Bells please do i promise you will not be disappointed at all.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foundation And Indecision

What an amazing night let me tell all of you kids something Hardcore is alive and well in Atlanta. Last night was amazing from beginning to end be it the incredible performance that the bands put on our just catching up with old friends. But to be honest I got there late so I missed the three opening band which I am truly bummed about because I was looking forward to see them all.(For Real) But the people at Sol V took a week and a half to get mine and Mr.Dooley's food but to be very honest it was well worth the wait. That kale-bone is off the mother fuckin chain, and that mac and cheese Holly Macrarolli. So me and Dooley hit one point twenty jigawats in the mini van to get there as Indeision was setting up, and I did not care who was around I was hugging all my friends, and it was awesome to see them truly. It made me want to pack it all up and move back to the mother land (Brooklyn). Indecision opened up with purgatory, and the whole place went fucking nutz. It was something to see they were so on point and tight it was amazing. They take nothing away from our Atlanta home town Hero's Foundation when they hit the stage they were ready to go for it even before the first note was played. Those kids are everything that is right about hardcore past,present, and future. They love there city, and it's kids like that I trust the true spirit of hardcore will live on because those kids hearts are pure and true, and not poisoned with the bullshit that our hardcore scene has become. They are every reason why this will live on. But when they hit the stage it was amazing kids flying all over the place just going for it the whole time. It was incredible. Then big Hank grabs the mic, to my surprise my man does a Path Of Resistance cover of Counter. I was so blown away they not only pulled it off they crushed it to be honest. It was truly an amazing night old and new friends just hanging out talking and catching up . It was like the days of the old were we would all go to a show and hang out and get food and talk a bunch of shit after. It was one of those nights were nothing else matters and that you realize that the things that made you happy when you were twelve years old still make you happy at thirty five. All I can say is thank you to foundation for putting together an amazing night, and making this old man happy for a little while. To my old friends from home miss and love you kids.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dharma Punx #2

Holy crap I got through a hundred pages today for real. This book I can honestly say I did not want to put it down at all. There are some things I didn't like about the book. He mentioned 108 but not the CROMAGS especially when he mentioned krishina conciseness. The CROMAGS started that whole punk rock/hard core movement that's what AGE OF QUARREL Is all about. That part I was like wow dude if you are going to give props out, and trust me 108 defiantly deserves a place in being mentioned. I mean Vic,and Rob are hardcore legends in there own right. But give a little shout out to the guys that paved the way. But really other then that I thought the stories were amazing and to be honest I identified with most of them. This book already has me rethinking my whole program it's very moving and no matter what walk of life you are from there are parts of Noahs life that we all can identify with be it about religion or even life experiences. I am truly shocked about how much that I identified with in this book about my self even to this day. There are questions that I ask my self everyday. I will keep reading and posting to keep you kids in the loop. But if you would like to check it out for your self google Dharma Punx and check it out for your self.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dharma Punx

I started reading the book by Noah Levine called Dharma Punx.   This
book has been suggested to me for a longtime from many of my friends
who know a lot about me, and my past.   One day I was just messing
around on the internet,  and i came across an add for this book so I
started reading what it was about it, and it also told me a little bit about the author.
What I found is that I have felt the same way he has felt at one time
our another.  While reading the description I also found out that he has been through a lot of similar life situations like i have been through.   His Mother was an addicted,  family
is never around, father is never around so on and so forth. ( you get
the picture that i am painting) From the second I ordered this book I
felt like this may change my life the way Diet For A New America did.
But then again I have only been through 20 pages so far.  But we will see what happens.  So keep reading my posts to find out what happens next.
Ok everybody have a great day.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Rise Of Zombie Jesus!!!

Here is another Easter sunday my 1st in Atlanta by the way. It's kinda crazy to me that I have been out of S.Florida for a year know. I know that I am not from S.Florida but it will forever be my home, and sometimes I miss it very much I had my greatest of times there and my worst of times as well. But like I always say it will forever be my home. I miss it I miss my friends and the crazy nights we had be it just riding around our getting into some shit at the poorhouse. But here in Atlanta I have found a new life new friends, and some pretty rad stuff to do. I am also trying to find me and my place in this universe I am working on it on a regular basis I know it's there I just need to find it. But then again maybe I am looking in the wrong places but only time will tell, and we will see what happens I guess.

To my new and old friends here in the ATL! I would not have made it through this year without you. To my old friends in NY and S.Florida if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be who I am today. But to you all you are all my heart and I love you all very much.

Thanks for everything.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bark Yard Art Show!!!

Atlanta is kinda the only place that this kinda of thing can go down, and still work. A lot of people many different groups you have hardcore kids,mods,hipsters,hip hop kids, also train kids. So its very interesting to see how they all interact with each other. They are all separated in there groups talking amongst them selves but every once in a while one of them will go to another group, and talk and say hi. The backyard looks kinda rad lined with old christmas lights along the fence were the artists hang there submisions that they all worked on. But over all it's an amazing thing to see one guy just kinda put on a show like this. Good job Marcos well done Holmes.


Sometimes We Just Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Last night I just had an amazing sleep, and today I woke up so relaxed and just ready to take on the world. Sometimes we need to keep in mind that our day and our life is what we make of it. So it is truly up to us to make it happen. Guess what everybody no one owes me our you shit not a dam thing. We are functioning members of society that need to work,clean,and wipe our own asses our selves. So with that being said we can do it trust me I know we can just go for it no matter what it is I know sometimes we all need help, and asking for it is a very humbling experience but there is nothing wrong with that we don't have all the answers all the time no one is perfect. Seek out the answers we are able to do so "we have the technology" because guess what I know I say this a lot if I can do it so can you, and your boy over here could fuck up a wet dream. So keep your head down and keep moving forever forward.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Truly Loved Ridding Out In S.F !!!

Ridding out in San Francisco was an amazing experience, some of the best ridding I have ever done. When I say this I am not trying to take anything away from N.Y,Philly, Atlanta or my beloved Miami. It's just one of those things you cannot explain I have always felt a crazy connection with my bike when ridding. But when out there it's the combination of the hills,traffic,scenery, and yes the hills. ( haha) But it's really intense you have to be on your game at all times out there your head always has to be on a swivel at all times.  I was so sad to leave but it was time for me to get back to my Home in Atlanta, and get back to my east coast ways . But don't worry S.F I will be back and I will shred on you again soon.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Found My Happy Place

Today has been amazing just enjoying the day listening to some sweet jams and drinking a dam good cup of coffee it really doesn't get better then that.  It's funny when you decide to just push all the negative shit out your day it really becomes amazing, and you just smile more and enjoy your friends more, and lough louder that equals amazing!!!!  Today I downloaded the new Trap Them,( Darker Hand Craft,Label Prostheic records) all i have to say is FUCKING amazing!!! Chris Maggio HITS the drums so fucking hard you can really hear how hard he hits them by your whole body shakes with every hit. ( FUCKING CRAZY I NOW) Brian Izzi just fucking sherds just blazing through, Ryan Mckenny when he screams you can almost hear the blood pour from his throat, Stephen Lacour just going nuts ripping his bass apart.  This record is a must buy these guys are everything that is right about hard core/metal.  They are just straight pissed, and they are letting everyone know about it.  But as amazing as the record is it really doesn't do them any justice to be honest.  The real stuff to see is in there live shows this band goes for it on every note in every song in there set.  I recommend to go out and buy this record immediately so you can and play it until your ears bleed…


When Every Time A Window Closes A Door Opens

All I can say is that yesterday really sucked!!! But the second half of the day was very eye opening, and extremely insightful so in other words it turned out to be amazing. Sometimes we spend to much time being angry and pissed off to hear anything positive that our friends are our anyone is trying to say. But once we turn down the closed mindness and just stop being angry and nigative and open our ears for just thirty seconds we may hear something insightful from someone that may have something positive to say. Maybe they are able to shine a little bit of light on the situation so that we can just get over the bullshit and just move on from this negative space that we are in. So with that being said yesterday I just stoped being angry for the thirty seconds so I was able to actually hear a positive suggestion from someone that had a positive outlook on the day it really made a difference to my day. My night was amazing and fun and all around great. You can't be pissed all the time and if you are you will notice all of the bad stuff around you that you bring upon your self with this negative engery. So keep your head up and keep moving forward because guess what if I can do it so can you. Thank you to Mikey and Stein for just being amazing guys and good friends.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There Will Be Days LIke This!!!

There are those days were you feel like you cannot do a thing wrong no matter what. Then there are those days that no matter what you do it all comes crumbling down.  Today is one of those days my head is in eighty thousand different places, and no matter what I do it's wrong our I fucked it up some how some way.  But then again it can't always be rainbows and skittles either.  So I just need to pick myself up by the back of my pants, and keep moving forward.  Because the know is all we have what happend five minutes ago is already done.  So you never know what's going to happen this day could wind up being the most amazing day ever.   The day is still young so we will see!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lemons equal lemonade!!!

The last couple of weeks I have just been in this funk that I truly cannot explain. But today I was sitting and just thinking about my life, and the direction I want it to go in. So I was just doing a list of things that are important to me, and with that being said it kinda of got me no were. But what I realized shortly after that is that I have to learn to enjoy the skin that I am in first so I will be able to move on to other things that will truly get me were I need, and want to be in my life. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and people are but in your life at a spific time to teach you something or may just to put you on the right path. So with that being said just don't get so cought up in the now just relax and see what happens down the road a pice because you just might be pleasantly surprised!!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Yeah it's Official I have been awake for 36 hrs

I don't get it how is it possible ? My body is like you have got to be kidding me tomorrow will be amazing I am truly looking forward to it. Lots to do in the AM tomorrow is the day I reclaim my orgnizied life back. All of my draws will be emptied , and cleaned my car will get cleaned, and tons of coffee will be drank while doing it. I am also going to try and get in a little ride. So good night and sweet dreams to you.

"No Sleep Till Brooklyn"

Yesterday great day last night not so good.
Sometimes I let my heart get in the way of my head, and that ladies and gentelman is not good at all. Because for five minutes you let your guard down and you open up a can of worms that you really shouldn't have opened. But then again I needed to be said wrote or what have you. We as human beings sometimes have emotions that we cannot control. Me personail am a very emotional person still all heart but sometimes my emotions get the best of me, and I start thinking and then I think to my self maybe things can be different this time around. But the truth is they probably will not be. She is out there, and maybe she will read this but she also needs to know that I still love her with all of me. Keep your heads up everyone, and stay positive!!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amazing Start To The Week !!!

Today started with a little bit of craziness but not in a bad way. I woke a little late but that's cool because all that means is that my body letting me know I needed the rest. But other then that I am really happy with being were I am at but I still question so many things, and there are things I truly do not have clouser on so that just makes me crazy in my own head. Sometimes I really miss Brooklyn, and I really think about what would have been if I would have stayed, and try to work stuff out. I mean did I really make the right choice did I miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. So many questions I have to ask myself. So all that means I have many questions to ask myself, and with in the next couple of weeks I have a lot of soul searching to do.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

AM Post! Your boy is a little out of it today!!!

Ok man i had a RUFF morning but its getting better as i roll through the day.  Coffee and atlanta sunshine is what going to keep me moving through.  Today at the coffee shop (Parkgrounds) making coffee for the people.  so stop on by and get a cup, and maybe grab a bite to eat the food here is great and also vegan and vegetarian friemdly so stop on by, and check it out..


Friday, April 15, 2011

PM Post "SON"

Crazy ass day over at 13-Roses but still very positive,and always moving forward.  Tim,Mikey,Wilely, and Darby straight killed it.  We may not always get along over here but we have each others backs good guys good times good people.  Tonight we threw a drunk lady out for being a JACK ASS then she yelled at Mikey and this is what she yelled at Mikey " Why don't you go and dance to disco" I was in the middle of them because she looked like she was getting frogy.  Then i looked over with a puzzled look on my face and said" what" then that followed with get out of the shop ,and please do not fall down the steps on the way out,and no you cannot have your deposit.  Yes ladies and gentlemen never a dull moment around here just good times..


AM Here we go!!

Wow yesterday started off really fucked up. Just a bunch of bull shit, and he said she said bullshit. But on a POSTIVE note I feel it all was straintend out, and all parties were very happy with the out come. Today in Atlanta a little overcast but that may not be to much of a bad thing so know it's time to get out of bed , and get this day started. So let's do the thang and head over to the coffee spot, and get it going. Everybody have a great day.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here we go!!

This is the very 1st post from me that will come your way.  This blog will be about living life, and enjoying what it has to offer. The things I write about may not always be positive or even politically correct but they will always be honest without holding back.  They will be about music,bikes,records,books,shows,coffee and just about a good fucking time out with my friends.  So here we go Ladies and Gentleman hang out and take a read, and enjoy.