Friday, May 27, 2011

PMA pay it forward!!!!

There are those days when you just wake up late and you are already thinking negative.  But you know it really doesn't have to be like that.   All of those feelings are us being human people like you and I just automatically  go into panic mode and get very defiaenceive instead of just thinking about what we need to do  just to get past this situation that we are in.  The truth is that the answers are right in front of us we just need to calm down, and look around then we realize that its really not that bad we just have to move around some stuff our just rethink our plan.  Because trust me everyone if i can do it so can you its only a matter of applying your self.  We are never stuck we only think we are this has only taken me thirty five years to realize this.  Because when I was younger i knew everything , and no one could tell me any different once you have a life altering experience your whole thought process changes.  Trust me we all fall back into old behavior every knows,  and thats just apart of growing as individuals but its what we do to recognize those things and how we go about changing them is what defines us.  I would like everyone to know that this is not an attack on anyone or anything this is me taking a look at myself, and sharing it with you.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life is FUCKING CRAZY sometimes!!!

I know its been a while since my last post but here it goes.. Well the last few weeks have been kinda of crazy to say the lest.   I have seen some amazing things, and had some mishaps,and some let downs.  But like it says in my title ''LIFE IS FUCKING CRAZY SOME TIMES''.  Well after seeing some old friends from my beloved BROOKLYN things were looking up.  But as well all know sometimes things are not as they seem!!! So between doing a lot of looking at myself ,and my faults trying to pretty much evaluate myself, and figure shit out.  For the first time in my life my ego took a back seat and I started asking questions and shouting my mouth so i can hear other peoples opinions, and get real feed back.  Then i had my appointment with my shrink( thats right i see one ,and its the best thing i have ever done for my self to be very honest) i just straight up asked him what do i need to do to stop this cycle of me being crazy, and being angry and pissed off and so on!! He told that i get way to emotional attached to things and that was a big part of my problem.  So with that being said i took his advice and i did what he said so this whole week i went into work, and tried to not get so attached to things i went in did my job then went home needles to say it was an awesome week.  I think i should keep my trap more often and listen because sometimes people besides myself may know what they are talking about.  That Ladies and Gentleman only took me Thirty Five years to figure out..  I have a bunch more to write about like going to see MOGWAI which was fucking amazing to say the least i also have a couple of reviews so write on some records.  So there is a lot more to come so please check it out..


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Most Precious Blood, Do Not Resuscitate

Ok here we go on the long awaited MPR record" Do Not Resuscitate". This record starts off brutal with there intro one of my favorite parts about all MPR records has always been there intro's. They always set the tone for the record for me, and keeps me wanting to hear more and I can't wait to see what comes next. After that brutal intro they go into "A Danger To Myself And Others" which is just fucking pissed off with lyrics like "Spit In The Face Of Your Enemy's" Rob has always been a pissed off guy but this is above and beyond which I back a hundred percent. Fuck it man say whats on your mind that's why we all got into this shit anyway right? The record just keeps going in the same vain but there is something very different about this record. It still has all the anger, and pissed at the system that MPR always had but there is still something different Robs voice sounds different he is going for it way more on his vocals. I don't know how he even finished this recording without going to get vocal chord surgery is beyond me because he went for it on every fucking note, and left nothing behind. Then without even a clue they go into " Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together" this is a first for MPR yes they did and acoustic track which is awesome and very unexpected to say the least. But it is an awesome way to break up the record to get ready for side two. Because that's when the shit really hits the fan kid. Side two just straight up rips into your most scared places of your soul. The record just stays true to MPR form this is the way I see shit fuck you I am not taking any prisoners. Then when you didn't think it could get anymore brutal he comes "Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking" that gets a WOW dude for sure. With lyrics like " Keep Your Door Locked I Know Were You Live" what can you really say about that. MPR is just pulling out all of the stops on this one for sure no holding back. My over all on this record it's amazing every bit of it. Down to the cover art by Justin Borucki it's great I suggest everyone needs this because for me it's what Hard Core is all about fuck everything, and leave it all out on the table. So go do your self a favor and order it, pick it up steal it what ever you have to do just get it.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleigh Bells

Let's just say that I went to the show not knowing what to expect at all.  But needles to say I was very interested to hear and check them out.   So they were walking on stage to an Acme song, and for all of you little jack asses that don't know who that is look it up and check it out because it's amazing.  So at that point I was like alright this is going to be good and then when thought it was amazing they steeped it up a notch with a Black Sabbath song which Derrick played along with, and through in a couple of things him self.  ( Which I thought was rad) Then they just went crazy on stage and the crowed was going just as nuts as they were on stage  well it was awesome to see to say the least.   They were running back and fourth on stage giving an amazing performance they straight up killed it to be honest.  Then in the middle of there set Derrick cracked Alexis in the head with his guitar.   She was bleeding all over the place so they gave her a towel and just kept it over the gash in her head she just kept going on with the set.  Let me tell you something that Alexis chick is a TUFF broad because she did not even lose a beat she just kept on trucking through there set i know lots of dudes from hardcore band that would have just stood there set and packed it up but she did her thing and owned it.   It was an amazing there performance to say the least, and it was amazing to see old friends and catch up.  Derrick you guys were awesome and thanks Ryan Primack he is there production manger, and one of my best friends love you guys.  Ian is there tour manger and all around good dude. Great night good hangs let's do it again real soon. If you have a chance to check out Sleigh Bells please do i promise you will not be disappointed at all.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Foundation And Indecision

What an amazing night let me tell all of you kids something Hardcore is alive and well in Atlanta. Last night was amazing from beginning to end be it the incredible performance that the bands put on our just catching up with old friends. But to be honest I got there late so I missed the three opening band which I am truly bummed about because I was looking forward to see them all.(For Real) But the people at Sol V took a week and a half to get mine and Mr.Dooley's food but to be very honest it was well worth the wait. That kale-bone is off the mother fuckin chain, and that mac and cheese Holly Macrarolli. So me and Dooley hit one point twenty jigawats in the mini van to get there as Indeision was setting up, and I did not care who was around I was hugging all my friends, and it was awesome to see them truly. It made me want to pack it all up and move back to the mother land (Brooklyn). Indecision opened up with purgatory, and the whole place went fucking nutz. It was something to see they were so on point and tight it was amazing. They take nothing away from our Atlanta home town Hero's Foundation when they hit the stage they were ready to go for it even before the first note was played. Those kids are everything that is right about hardcore past,present, and future. They love there city, and it's kids like that I trust the true spirit of hardcore will live on because those kids hearts are pure and true, and not poisoned with the bullshit that our hardcore scene has become. They are every reason why this will live on. But when they hit the stage it was amazing kids flying all over the place just going for it the whole time. It was incredible. Then big Hank grabs the mic, to my surprise my man does a Path Of Resistance cover of Counter. I was so blown away they not only pulled it off they crushed it to be honest. It was truly an amazing night old and new friends just hanging out talking and catching up . It was like the days of the old were we would all go to a show and hang out and get food and talk a bunch of shit after. It was one of those nights were nothing else matters and that you realize that the things that made you happy when you were twelve years old still make you happy at thirty five. All I can say is thank you to foundation for putting together an amazing night, and making this old man happy for a little while. To my old friends from home miss and love you kids.