Friday, May 27, 2011

PMA pay it forward!!!!

There are those days when you just wake up late and you are already thinking negative.  But you know it really doesn't have to be like that.   All of those feelings are us being human people like you and I just automatically  go into panic mode and get very defiaenceive instead of just thinking about what we need to do  just to get past this situation that we are in.  The truth is that the answers are right in front of us we just need to calm down, and look around then we realize that its really not that bad we just have to move around some stuff our just rethink our plan.  Because trust me everyone if i can do it so can you its only a matter of applying your self.  We are never stuck we only think we are this has only taken me thirty five years to realize this.  Because when I was younger i knew everything , and no one could tell me any different once you have a life altering experience your whole thought process changes.  Trust me we all fall back into old behavior every knows,  and thats just apart of growing as individuals but its what we do to recognize those things and how we go about changing them is what defines us.  I would like everyone to know that this is not an attack on anyone or anything this is me taking a look at myself, and sharing it with you.


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