Thursday, May 5, 2011

Most Precious Blood, Do Not Resuscitate

Ok here we go on the long awaited MPR record" Do Not Resuscitate". This record starts off brutal with there intro one of my favorite parts about all MPR records has always been there intro's. They always set the tone for the record for me, and keeps me wanting to hear more and I can't wait to see what comes next. After that brutal intro they go into "A Danger To Myself And Others" which is just fucking pissed off with lyrics like "Spit In The Face Of Your Enemy's" Rob has always been a pissed off guy but this is above and beyond which I back a hundred percent. Fuck it man say whats on your mind that's why we all got into this shit anyway right? The record just keeps going in the same vain but there is something very different about this record. It still has all the anger, and pissed at the system that MPR always had but there is still something different Robs voice sounds different he is going for it way more on his vocals. I don't know how he even finished this recording without going to get vocal chord surgery is beyond me because he went for it on every fucking note, and left nothing behind. Then without even a clue they go into " Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together" this is a first for MPR yes they did and acoustic track which is awesome and very unexpected to say the least. But it is an awesome way to break up the record to get ready for side two. Because that's when the shit really hits the fan kid. Side two just straight up rips into your most scared places of your soul. The record just stays true to MPR form this is the way I see shit fuck you I am not taking any prisoners. Then when you didn't think it could get anymore brutal he comes "Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking" that gets a WOW dude for sure. With lyrics like " Keep Your Door Locked I Know Were You Live" what can you really say about that. MPR is just pulling out all of the stops on this one for sure no holding back. My over all on this record it's amazing every bit of it. Down to the cover art by Justin Borucki it's great I suggest everyone needs this because for me it's what Hard Core is all about fuck everything, and leave it all out on the table. So go do your self a favor and order it, pick it up steal it what ever you have to do just get it.


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