Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dharma Punx

I started reading the book by Noah Levine called Dharma Punx.   This
book has been suggested to me for a longtime from many of my friends
who know a lot about me, and my past.   One day I was just messing
around on the internet,  and i came across an add for this book so I
started reading what it was about it, and it also told me a little bit about the author.
What I found is that I have felt the same way he has felt at one time
our another.  While reading the description I also found out that he has been through a lot of similar life situations like i have been through.   His Mother was an addicted,  family
is never around, father is never around so on and so forth. ( you get
the picture that i am painting) From the second I ordered this book I
felt like this may change my life the way Diet For A New America did.
But then again I have only been through 20 pages so far.  But we will see what happens.  So keep reading my posts to find out what happens next.
Ok everybody have a great day.


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