Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Found My Happy Place

Today has been amazing just enjoying the day listening to some sweet jams and drinking a dam good cup of coffee it really doesn't get better then that.  It's funny when you decide to just push all the negative shit out your day it really becomes amazing, and you just smile more and enjoy your friends more, and lough louder that equals amazing!!!!  Today I downloaded the new Trap Them,( Darker Hand Craft,Label Prostheic records) all i have to say is FUCKING amazing!!! Chris Maggio HITS the drums so fucking hard you can really hear how hard he hits them by your whole body shakes with every hit. ( FUCKING CRAZY I NOW) Brian Izzi just fucking sherds just blazing through, Ryan Mckenny when he screams you can almost hear the blood pour from his throat, Stephen Lacour just going nuts ripping his bass apart.  This record is a must buy these guys are everything that is right about hard core/metal.  They are just straight pissed, and they are letting everyone know about it.  But as amazing as the record is it really doesn't do them any justice to be honest.  The real stuff to see is in there live shows this band goes for it on every note in every song in there set.  I recommend to go out and buy this record immediately so you can and play it until your ears bleed…


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