Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Every Time A Window Closes A Door Opens

All I can say is that yesterday really sucked!!! But the second half of the day was very eye opening, and extremely insightful so in other words it turned out to be amazing. Sometimes we spend to much time being angry and pissed off to hear anything positive that our friends are our anyone is trying to say. But once we turn down the closed mindness and just stop being angry and nigative and open our ears for just thirty seconds we may hear something insightful from someone that may have something positive to say. Maybe they are able to shine a little bit of light on the situation so that we can just get over the bullshit and just move on from this negative space that we are in. So with that being said yesterday I just stoped being angry for the thirty seconds so I was able to actually hear a positive suggestion from someone that had a positive outlook on the day it really made a difference to my day. My night was amazing and fun and all around great. You can't be pissed all the time and if you are you will notice all of the bad stuff around you that you bring upon your self with this negative engery. So keep your head up and keep moving forward because guess what if I can do it so can you. Thank you to Mikey and Stein for just being amazing guys and good friends.


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